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Women’s Health

Every woman’s health is individual.

These unique requirements are carefully considered through our personalised women’s wellness plan to help every woman at every stage of life.

*Additional charges apply.

What’s Included?

Women’s health check

Offered to all our female members to ensure they stay on top of health concerns. This is an age-specific review and includes blood testing* and a review of medication.

Gynaecology Screen

Cervical smear and breast checks as part of the national cervical cancer screening programme.

Hormone Health

All aspects of hormones affecting a woman’s body are reviewed with blood tests*. Contraception and HRT prescribing and review.

BONE Health

forms a vital part of every woman’s longevity and strength. We aim to maximise optimal bone support to minimise morbidity associated with age-related changes and susceptibilities such as fractures.


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BIOME Medical Clinic in the heart of Chelsea and online provides bespoke Private GP Services. Your health is our priority and we pride ourselves on being the best in the field. Life is for living but knowledge is power. Your journey to health fulfilment starts here.With our vast experience and connections with the top experts in their field, there is no stone left unturned with our 360 approach to human wellness and longevity.


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