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Health Screen

Annual health checks are a crucial part of our care at Biome and help identify areas in your health which are working very well for you and others which may need careful adjustment.

This is a 360 degree assessment of core function and analysis of objective testing. Careful history, examination, assessment and laboratory investigations, enable us to collate very specific data which we discuss at the review appointment with you.

Lifestyle, family history, exercise, and stress management are an important aspect of this review.

We offer this to both non-members and members alike because it provides an opportunity to discuss your health in detail and create a health plan journey for the forthcoming weeks and months.

*Additional charges apply.

Tests Include:



Lung Function

Screening Blood Tests*

Vision and Hearing

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Sports performance & optimisation using unique testing and monitoring parameters

Nutrition and diet

mental health & stress assessment

women’s health

Men’s health

Chronic Disease Prevention & management

Sleep mindfulness & management


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BIOME Medical Clinic in the heart of Chelsea and online provides bespoke Private GP Services. Your health is our priority and we pride ourselves on being the best in the field. Life is for living but knowledge is power. Your journey to health fulfilment starts here.With our vast experience and connections with the top experts in their field, there is no stone left unturned with our 360 approach to human wellness and longevity.


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