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New: Covid Testing

BIOME is offering Coronavirus testing, with an additional 50% discount for NHS Colleagues..

Disclaimer: You rely on the test at your own risk. As with any medical test, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. There is always a risk of either a ‘false positive’ or a ‘false negative’ test result. Whilst the technology is already in use, clinical studies to determine sensitivity for coronavirus have so far been relatively small. 

Patients with low immunity or other diseases that affect immune function, failure of important systemic organs, and use of drugs that suppress immune function could also lead to negative results of new coronavirus IgG and Ig M. Therefore, negative results obtained with COVID-19 IgG/IgM antibodies are only indication that the specimen does not contain detectable level of antibodies and any negative result should not be considered as conclusive evidence that the individual is not infected with the virus.

The existence/extent/length of any immunity has not yet been definitively established. It is essential that you follow NHS and government guidelines for coronavirus and consult your doctor if appropriate.

Current Infection Tests


This is done via a self-test at home after a consultation with the Doctor before and results given after.

Fever, sore throat, cough, flu-like illness but other symptoms which will be discussed. It is best performed between Day1-Day3 of illness.

Sent via Royal Mail

Add £45 for Courier drop-wait up to 25 minutes- drop to lab service. Results will be sent to the doctor after 2 days of receipt by the lab. 

Previous Covid-19 Infection Antibody Tests:

Best performed after 21 days of illness and includes pre-test consultation with the Doctor. Please note that this test is not suitable for active infection.

There are two options available:

in-clinic testing | £150

A blood sample is taken by our Nurse at our Clinic in Chelsea and sent directly to the lab in Central london. The results are returned within 48 hours to the Doctor who will email you the results directly.

Home visit | £200

The blood test is performed by our Nurse at your home and the sample is sent directly to the lab in Central london. The results are returned within 48 hours to the Doctor who will email you the results directly.


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